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92                                    LIFE   OF
pressed in the severest scientific form, the groat work
was a treasurablc and important 0110 only for the
really scientific, while the Gorman nation in general
had little insight into it, and only the Gorman popu-
larly written " Views of Nature"* could bo found on the
library shelves of the educated classes. There were.,
indeed, some who endeavoured to popularise Hum-
boldtjs great journey, by transcribing interesting ex-
tracts from it, but yet the German nation, as a whole,
gained no insight into the entire great importance of
the results of Hnmboldt's acquirements for noioiico
and life. To innumerable persons Humboldt is yet
a fabulously miraculous individual, over whom tho
report of mysterious adventures throws a supernatural
The great work bears the title,cc Voyage aux lidgions
6quinoxiales du Nouveau Continent, par A. do Hum-
boldt et A. Bonplaiid/" Two editions of it appeared,
one large and one octavo edition; the former consisting
of three volumes folio., and twelve volumes hi quarto,
besides an " Atlas Geographique et Physique/' and a
collection of picturesque drawings, the latter intended
to form twenty-three volumes. Four quarto volumes
contain the real account of the journeyŚ" Relation
Historique," the fourth volume appearing after a long
delay. The reader may judge of the immense com-
prehensiveness of this colossal work, by the length of
time its completion required, in spite of the important
assistance given to it; for although the first volume
appeared nearly forty years since, its completion dates
down to the present time.
In order to gain a comprehensive idea of tho whole,
according to its contents, we will enumerate tho parts
and their respective subjects, without regard to tho
period of their publication in single volumes or
The " Vxies des Oordilleres et Monuments des Potiplos
indigenes deTAmerique," give us, in two folio volumes,
with sixty partly black, partly coloured copperplates,,